Ben Shapiro Makes Case for Concept of Free Will on Latest ‘Big Conversation’ Debate

Ben Shapiro Makes Case for Concept of Free Will on Latest ‘Big Conversation’ Debate November 16, 2023

LONDON, Nov. 16, 2023  Premier Insight, the Christian media group behind the popular “Unbelievable?” podcast, continues to spark enlightening discussion among leading thinkers across the belief spectrums in science, religion and philosophy, with the latest episode of “The Big Conversation,”  releasing Dec. 1 (Nov. 24 for subscribers).  


Currently concluding its 5th season, The Big Conversation, hosted by comedian and apologist Andy Kind, features some of the biggest minds in the Christian, atheist and religious world debating some of the biggest questions of science, faith and what it means to be human. Episode 7 of this season features a ruminative discussion between renowned political thinker and Daily Wire Host Ben Shapiro and ‘Cosmic Skeptic’ YouTuber Alex O’Connor on the concept of free will, the idea of ‘self’ and the subsequent implications of religion.

“Virtually all of us, whether we say we believe it or not, actually act in ways that betray the idea that we believe that we have control over our own actions…and that control makes a difference in the world; that’s what gives us purpose,” Shapiro speculates. “It’s what allows us to wake up in the morning and make the decision to do what we believe is right or what we believe is wrong. And the principles of right and wrong are external to evolutionary biology.”

Shapiro, Co-founder and Editor Emeritus of The Daily Wire, is a distinguished figure in the realm of political discussion, recognized largely for his bold opinions and remarkable debating skillsets. He is also the host of The Ben Shapiro Show, a top-ranking podcast worldwide. Ever-innovative in thought and influential in culture, Shapiro brings a fresh and compelling perspective to this philosophical conversation.


Also joining this complex discussion is YouTuber and Within Reason Podcast host Alex O’Connor, acknowledged for his thoughtful philosophical points and noteworthy debates. As a returning guest on The Big Conversation, O’Connor’s insights continue to provoke deliberation on varying timeless faith-science-philosophy contemplation topics.
“…with a religious philosophy, we have the benefit of introducing a soul. That doesn’t solve anything…It’s not a matter of having to explain the mechanism by which the soul brings about actions. That may well be a mystery,” notes O’Connor. “But if it is the case that whatever it is that’s doing that is either determined or it’s not—and… if it’s not—it’s random and therefore out of your control… [And thus,] free will cannot exist.”

Religion’s effects in the evolution of consciousness, Nihilism’s counter to the concept of free will and, ultimately, the basis of varying worldviews serve as crucial discussion points to note in this thought-provoking exchange.

In partnership with the John Templeton Foundation, the 5th season of The Big Conversation wraps up this season on a captivating note, leaving audiences across the belief spectrum increasingly inquisitive of the ever-disputed questions among various worldviews and intricacies in the crossover realms of science, faith, philosophy and culture.

The Big Conversation is a unique video series from Unbelievable?, the flagship apologetics and theology discussion show on Premier Insight.

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