Love’s Guest: Reflections of Inspiration and Wonder

Love’s Guest: Reflections of Inspiration and Wonder November 15, 2023
RHINEBECK, NY, March 26—Monkfish Publishing / Red Elixir announced today that it will publish LOVE’S GUEST:  REFLECTIONS OF INSPIRATION AND WONDER by Saint Catherine of Genoa, Edited by award winning author Marc Aronoff.  With color illustrations by Jan Richardson, the book will be released on November 21st, 2023.  Available through Ingram at all major bookstores. 
In Love’s Guest, the astonishing mystic Saint Catherine of Genoa reveals a song of Love that expresses her passion and longing for the experience of the Divine in everyday life.  As bestselling author, Father James Martin writes of the book, “The recovery of the work of a great Catholic woman mystic who is writing about God, which is to say, about Love.  Beautiful, profound and mysterious, her 15th-century sensibility still speaks to us today.” Saint Catherine of Genoa’s life story is fascinating. Born Caterina Fieschi Adornoi in 1447, into a distinguished God loving family in Genoa, Italy, Catherine was married at a young age to a Genoese nobleman. To her dismay he turned out to be a violent tempered, faithless, spendthrift.  Five years into this depressive marriage a miracle occurred and her heart was pierced by the presence of God.  Her life and expression was never the same and today her writings have touched the hearts of millions.  Perhaps the greatest miracle of all, was her husband’s complete change upon witnessing Catherine’s transformation and his joining her to serve at the local hospital during a time of plague.  Described as “profound and simple…  Love’s Guest, Reflections of Inspiration and Wonder, uncovers a hidden spiritual gem, the meditations of St. Catherine of Genoa. Through his editorial art Marc Aronoff has condensed St. Catherine’s Spiritual Dialogues into a small mystical treasure accessible to all who wish to experience the soul piercing love of God.”   This modern interpretation offers solace and inspiration for anyone interested in experiencing a feeling of hope and wonder.  With a brief introduction, annotations, and sections of reflection and meditation on the text, Love’s Guest reveals a feeling of Divine Love in a world in need of healing. Listen to my interview with the author here.

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