Answers in Genesis Appoints New Executive CEO: Martyn Iles

Answers in Genesis Appoints New Executive CEO: Martyn Iles November 13, 2023

PETERSBURG, Ky., Nov. 13, 2023 – Answers in Genesis’ Board of Directors is pleased to announce that it has unanimously decided to promote Martyn Iles to the position of Executive CEO of Answers in Genesis, serving under Ken Ham. Ham remains Founder CEO and has no plans to retire, but will continue in his oversight role of the entire ministry and dynamic impactful speaking and writing ministry.



Originally from Australia, Iles joined Answers in Genesis in May 2023 as Chief Ministry Officer. Iles is previously well-known as the Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby and led a massive Christian movement in Australia.

Iles’ move into this new role within Answers in Genesis is designed to set the ministry up for the future, ensuring that AiG continues to have a strong visionary leader who stands solidly on the foundation of the Word of God from the very first verse. Ham and Iles will be leading together, slowly transitioning the ministry from being led by the visionary and founder to eventually being led by Iles, guided by a similar vision Ham has had for decades of ministry.


After announcing the exciting change to the Answers in Genesis staff, Iles posted on social media:


It’s a great honor to announce I have been promoted to the position of Executive CEO by the board of Answers in Genesis.


Fear not — Ken Ham is still the Founder CEO. We are leading together for the next season. This is an arrangement designed to set Answers in Genesis up for the future. It means our feet are firmly planted on our foundations whilst we adapt to a new era.


The culture is changing, fast. The next generation is different. Digital technology is disrupting our existence.


Just as evolutionary naturalism has threatened the faith of so many, postmodernism and new critical theories threaten the faith of a new generation.


But God’s word is a word for every generation. And the gospel is God’s answer to every generation.


We will adapt to that which is new, holding fast to that which is timeless.


Please pray for us.


“Unless the Lord builds the house, those that labor build it in vain.” (Ps 127:1)

Ken Ham stated, “I’m thrilled the AiG board unanimously approved my recommended succession plan for the ministry. I believe it is important that supporters and staff know such a plan has been implemented to ensure stability for the Answers in Genesis ministry for the future. It will also ensure our continued unwavering stand on biblical authority and the mission to equip people with apologetics and proclaim the truth of God’s Word and the gospel.”


Answers in Genesis is an apologetics (i.e., Christianity-defending) ministry dedicated to enabling Christians to defend their faith and to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ effectively. We focus particularly on providing answers to questions surrounding the book of Genesis, as it is a foundational book of Christianity and the most-attacked book of the Bible. We also desire to train others to develop a biblical worldview and seek to expose the bankruptcy of evolutionary ideas and their bedfellow: a “4.5 billion-year-old” earth (and an even older universe).


Answers in Genesis is the ministry behind the world’s leading Christian themed attractions, the Ark Encounter with a life-size (510-foot-long) Noah’s Ark and the Creation Museum, both located in Northern Kentucky and visited by millions.


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