Magic of the Crane

Magic of the Crane November 11, 2023

In beauty, grace, and mystery she wanders between the worlds. Her magic coming from both. A duality that blends in the fog and then emerges from it whole.

Crane Magic gives us the means to unlock that which is hidden, secrets within the world and within ourselves. It is a lamp that illuminates the possibilities, but the path we create with it is ours alone.

Below you will find words of the Crane and the deeper meaning simmering beneath them. A peak at what the magic has to offer.

As the light moves back into the world, it takes a part of you with it – Just as when it touched you it gave a part of itself to you.

All magic is fueled and moved by energy. As we spin our spell, weaving different energies into harmony and focused on our intent, we also fuel it with our inner fire, our energy. As we release it into the world, that energy, that part of us, goes with it. This means that there is an energetic tie between us and every working we do.

As we channel energy from an outside source, and weave it into our work, a part of it also becomes a part of us. A residual energy that lingers and that we carry forward. When we touch it again, the connection is quick, the flow easier, because the imprint of memory is there.

Be careful what you choose to connect yourself to.

All is one but everything is also their own.

Each of us is a pattern of energy – a soul with its own Power, its own Sovereignty, and its own Will. Our perceptions shaping the reality we experience. Our senses bringing it to life. Our emotions solidifying it in memory. Then in choice that we shape what is to come. The individual.

Every individual pattern is a node on a collective web. Just as each neuron connects and shares information, so do the individual patterns. Together they shape the collective experience, and the world we experience. The more nodes that align their thoughts, their vision, their energy towards the same direction – the more that becomes the reality the web experiences.

Be the master of the self. Knowing your power and worth as the individual node.

Be mindful of the collective you participate in and what they are manifesting.

Acknowledge and appreciate what you have done and how it helped others.

Every action, whether done or spoken, ripples out and affects those around us for good or ill. What we tend to remember the most is the negative impacts these have. When our focus stays on those, we create more of them.

To break the cycle, focus on the good ripples. Acknowledge the good we have done. The ripples that helped another. Focus on them, appreciate the joy or Hope that it brought someone else. Whether big or small, the positive ripples are there – remember and celebrate them. In time they will become the primary.

They are young, but know enough. Allow them their daydreams. Light finds, despite the darkness.

We all started at the beginning. We were all new, full of wonder, excitement, and our mind filled with endless possibilities. In that time we want to move, experiment, discover, and challenge the boundaries of what is possible.

A more knowledgeable person wants to protect the newer ones from the mistakes they made. They want to save them the pains that come from failure. Trying to surround them in the boundaries they see as immutable, to save the newer person time and protect them.

A Wise person will see and know all of this, but also realize it is just their experience and does not mean it will be theirs. They know that the mistakes and failures are necessary, because we grow in them. They know that new perspective, new ideas, and new ways only come about with new eyes.

They may be new, may be young, but what they need is support and compassion when they fall – not a bubble that stifles their light.

The Oak and the Dance of Shadows. As each moves forward they discover their own methods, their own drives, and their own fears. Some will find joy in staying where they are, while others will become entranced with new views and wonders.

It takes all kinds to make the world go round. Each moving differently, thinking differently, yet pulled together by the same goal, desire, or foundations. They are not opposites colliding against each other – They are a duality that works together.

The Oak is strong and steady. Slower movements that are methodical and well thought out before hand. Growing deep roots from experience that serve as a strong foundation, while their branches reach upward and outward into the realm of possibilities, dreams, and creative works. They are ones who hold hindsight, wisdom, and the ability to see the pattern of the cycles.

Be careful though, for they can also become entrapped by dogma and analytical thought that will stunt their growth.

The Shadow Dancers are more free-flowing, following the rhythm that catches their attention in the moment. They are never stagnant, not bound by rules or roots, but flowing freely with their emotions leading them. Intuition, creative energy, free-flowing thoughts, and passion are what drives them forward. To the outsider they may seem chaotic, but for them, there is a stead beat in that chaos.

The Shadow Dancer will fall often and will feel out of step with the collective norm, which can turn the controlled chaos into true chaos.

We hold both sides of this Duality within us.

Camouflage is both internal and external.

Secrecy is a good thing. We do not always need to divulge where we are going and what we are planning. Some will not understand, and some will try to block your way. Be choosy about who you let into your energy.

The masks we purposely wear, the ones we create with intention and have full control of, serve us well in this life. They help us to move among people and in places that do not resonate with us, but that we must travel through. They give us strength and anonymity when the time calls for it.

Be careful that the mask does wear you – become part of you. It is a tool – but a dangerous tool if you are not careful and mindful. You must know yourself completely in order to use it.

Primal instinct, perhaps Divinely guided.

Intuition, the inner knowing, comes from a primal place. A place that is connected to the large web of energy and understands the patterns within it. It comes from the memories passed on to us by our ancestral soul, and the experiences of the living soul. It is also the whisper of Divine, softly trying to guide and encourage us along the way.

A ceremony of the departed soul – between life and death. Here the light submits to the dark. Their ways are not the same but when one way ceases to serve, you must look to the other.

The dark reflects back the truth, softer – gentler – and slightly different.

The dark holds the sword but the light holds the power to wound.

The Dark, the emotion, the inner knowing, the inner self. The Light, the action, the mind, the outer self.

In death, the light will submit to the dark, allowing it to take the lead while the light follows.

Two sides of our duality, constantly moving back and forth, both giving in different measures at different times. Each has their advantages and disadvantages – the balance comes in knowing which to use, in what measure, for any given situation. Never living a life led by one side more than the other, but a balanced approached overall.

Our Dark holds the power, it wields our most dangerous weapons – but only the light can use them to inflict the wounds. This means for us – how we treat ourselves and how we talk to ourselves. This means for others – our words, our actions – the ripples we release upon the world around us.

Evidence of the Past, Speculation of the Future


All can be broken down into cycles and patterns within those cycles. By studying the past we can see and identify the cycles playing out again and again. We can see where people have altered them here and there, making changes thus altering the outcome.

With this knowledge we can create theories and ideas how to alter the cycle/pattern in new ways for new outcomes. Through action, we test the theory, and through reflection and hind-sight we can measure the change.

It is in our choices, our actions, our decisions that we create change and shape what comes next.

Meet opportunity with commitment and passion

Do not worry about the outcome – focus on what you can do today

Feed and Nurture Gratitude for supporting you in your growth

We can speculate outcomes, but will not know their truth until it is over. When an opportunity presents itself, a path that calls to us, meet it with the energy of passion – give it your full effort. Commit to giving it a real and full chance to show you all that it has to offer. It may not be something that stays with you, but the experience is what enriches us.

Be present in the moment with it, and stop trying to anticipate what comes next or you will be directing it to that thought instead of allowing it to show you what it really has to offer.

Whether the opportunity is something that we keep or just a stepping stone to a new discovery – hold gratitude for the opportunity. Be thankful for it being a part of your growth, and if it is something that falls away, send it away with love and gratitude.


Surrender does not meaning giving up, it means giving over. Surrendering to yourself is an act of trust and faith in yourself. Surrendering to your intuition means that you trust and follow where it leads you. Surrendering to your Guide means you have built trust and faith with them, a partnership that consistently leads you forward and towards your best self.

Surrender is about trust and faith.

Celebrate the good rather than what is wrong or broken

The more you lean into kindness of the heart, the more increase you shall see returned to yourself

We program our minds with what we give our attention to – what we focus on. If we keep focusing more on the hurt, the pain, what’s gone wrong, or what we are lacking – this is what we program our minds to see as important. Thus it will ensure those experiences get remembered and sit at the forefront of our mind – and when the good, prosperous moments happen, we will recognize them and celebrate in the moment but it will not stay at the forefront of our minds and memory.

We grew up in a society that conditioned us to focus more on what is broken and we celebrate much less that which brings us joy and prosperity. It takes conscious effort to recognize this and then to change the pattern we have created. Start small – Celebrate all the small wins, the simple joys, the simple pleasures. Celebrate them just as you would the big wins. Own them, be proud of them, and share them proudly.

The more we do this, the more the brain focuses on the positive. We will strive for and look for those opportunities that feed that abundant and joyful side. Creating opportunities and situations that will create those feelings – thus creating those perspectives – and in the end that is what is at the center of your life – Abundance, joy, love, and a prosperous life.

Love – Wealth – Health – Joy

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