Navigating Holidays with Love: Supporting LGBTQ+ and those Rejected by Family

Navigating Holidays with Love: Supporting LGBTQ+ and those Rejected by Family November 16, 2023

The holiday season is often portrayed as a time of joy, togetherness, and love. We’re inundated with images of families gathered around a perfectly decorated tree, sharing laughter, love, and gratitude. However, for many LGBTQ+, and those who have been rejected by their families, the holidays can be a time of mixed emotions, loneliness, and a reminder of the challenges they face. What are the difficulties that individuals in these situations can encounter during the holiday season and how can we make this a more welcoming and affirming time of year?

A Complicated Season

The holidays can be challenging for LGBTQ+ individuals and those who have faced family rejection for several reasons. They often grapple with a sense of isolation, estrangement, and the pressure to conform to societal norms, which can exacerbate the feeling of not belonging. The holidays can be a minefield for those who have been rejected by their families or are LGBTQ+ because they long to be embraced and accepted for who they truly are.

For those who have experienced rejection from their families due to their LGBTQ+ identity, the holidays can serve as a painful reminder of the divide. The sense of loss and the desire for acceptance can be especially acute during a season that emphasizes the importance of family bonds. It is vital that we create ‘chosen families’ that affirm and celebrate our authentic selves.

LGBTQ+ individuals often fear judgment and discrimination from relatives, making holiday gatherings an emotionally charged experience. The stress of concealing one’s true self or being subjected to insensitive comments can be exhausting. It is essential to find spaces where you can be your authentic self and feel supported.

The holiday season can exacerbate feelings of loneliness for LGBTQ+ individuals, especially those who live in unsupportive environments or have been cut off from their biological families. Many are left searching for connection and understanding during a time when connection is cherished. We need to elevate supportive communities and organizations out there that provide true affirmation and a sense of belonging.

Ways We Can Support

The importance of offering support, love, and understanding during the holiday season cannot be understated. It is crucial for us to create spaces where LGBTQ+ individuals and those rejected by family can experience unconditional love, acceptance, and affirmation.

Families and communities can create inclusive spaces where everyone feels welcome and loved, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

We can connect with and encourage individuals who have been rejected by their biological families to help them build their chosen families. Providing a sense of belonging and acceptance can make the holiday season more manageable and fulfilling.

There are numerous organizations and support groups that offer resources and guidance to those who feel isolated during the holidays. Organizations like FreedHearts, PFLAG, and The Trevor Project provide valuable support and connection for LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies.

Beloved, the holiday season should be a time for everyone to experience love, acceptance, and joy. For LGBTQ+ individuals and those who have been rejected by family, the holidays can be a difficult time. However, we can open our eyes and hearts and help create a more inclusive and loving environment.

The power of love is immense. Let’s make the holidays a time to express unconditional, affirming love for all… especially those who are, or feel alone.

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