Happy New Moon – November 13th

Happy New Moon – November 13th November 13, 2023

Scorpio is passionate and intuitive…it’s also the sign most interested in the “taboo.” � Ruled by the 8th house of rebirth and transformation and the planet Pluto, Scorpio � shows its dark side more often than others. That means this New Moon is an invitation to explore your shadow side through your intuition, passions, and emotions.

Let’s explore another aspect of a new moon in Scorpio:

Deep Reflection and Self-Discovery: Scorpio is associated with delving into the depths of the psyche. During a new moon in Scorpio, there is an emphasis on self-discovery and understanding the hidden aspects of your personality. This is a favorable time for introspection, meditation, and exploring your own motivations and desires.

Empowerment Through Vulnerability: Scorpio is not afraid to confront the darker aspects of life, and the new moon in Scorpio encourages embracing vulnerability as a source of strength. It’s a time to acknowledge and accept your own vulnerabilities, allowing for authentic connections with others.

Empathic Connections: Scorpio is known for its intuitive and empathic qualities. During this lunar phase, you may find that your ability to connect with others on a deep, emotional level is heightened. This can lead to more profound and meaningful relationships as you understand and empathize with the feelings of those around you.

Financial Matters: Scorpio is also associated with shared resources and finances. The new moon in Scorpio can bring attention to financial matters, encouraging you to reassess and make strategic decisions regarding joint ventures, investments, or shared resources.

Spiritual Exploration: Scorpio has a spiritual depth, and the new moon in this sign may inspire a spiritual journey or a desire to explore the mysteries of life. It’s a time to seek meaning beyond the material and connect with the spiritual aspects of your existence.


Remember that astrology is a symbolic and interpretive practice, and the influence of a new moon in Scorpio can manifest differently for each individual. Whether you follow astrology or not, the key is to use this time for self-reflection, personal growth, and aligning your actions with your intentions.

How will you work with this New Moon? What intentions are you setting? �


About Kristy Robinett
I'm Kristy Robinett and I'm a spiritual healer and soul connectress, and yes, I see and talk to Dead People, but I really dislike calling them dead. Our loved ones on the Other Side are often living better than most of us in this earthly plane. For over two decades I've been using my gift to bring healing, hope, and clarity to thousands of people around the world, sharing insight, wisdom, and ethereal understanding. I've seen spirits since I was 3 years old, but it took some long and broken paths in life before I realized this was my purpose. I believe everyone has the ability to connect with the other side, but life and grief has a way of hitting the mute button. I act as the soul coach to help bridge the connections. No crystal ball or magic wand needed. You can read more about the author here.
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