God’s People, Navi Sheker, And Politics

God’s People, Navi Sheker, And Politics November 11, 2023

This week the conservative clown show continued. This week’s GOP debate displayed just how dysfunctional the party has become. The arguing dominated, even without the so-called party leader.

For someone who claims to be the best-qualified candidate for the job, the former president has failed again at showing any sign of true leadership. He talks a good game but doesn’t back it up with actions.

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Remember the cliché, “All politicians are crooks”? Words that distract us from the truth are deception at its core. Deception only serves to benefit the one who is doing the deceiving.


• Gets them what they want
• Selfish motivation
• Tells people what they want to hear




My gut feeling has always been not to trust people who always agree with me or say what I want to hear. Satan used the same approach to deceive Adam and Eve ( Genesis 3:1- 6).

The art of deception always involves twisting the truth, because the truth is what most of us really want. I use the same precautions when it comes to dating, there are women in the church who talk a good game, and they can quote Scripture but don’t believe they need to live it out.

To protect my commitment to God, I have had to learn to discern between godly ladies and worldly women who are false believers.


Falsehoods are, “Anything that is untrue—without truth.” People lie because they have something to hide. I have already written about the importance of truth for God’s people.
We are called to speak out against lies because God hates lies (Proverbs 6:16-17, 1 John 4:20). Satan himself talks to God, but refuses to be obedient.


There have always been fakes and liars among God’s people. That is why God sent His prophets to lead His people and protect them from the false prophets.

Navi Sheker

Israel’s prophets were known as God’s messengers to reveal His will. Like Abraham, Elijah defended the worship of the Hebrew God over the foreign gods Israel encountered, especially the Canaanite God Baal.

He was one of the great prophets of Israel, Elijah was known for confronting and defeating the false prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18:19–29). The Hebrew name for false prophets is Navi Skeker because they prophesied lies; they didn’t talk to God. Below are the false prophets that Jeremiah confronted.

1. Passhur
2. Ahab
3. Zedekiah
4. Shemaiah
5. Hananiah

The danger of false prophets is they twist truth to make people happy, but they don’t serve God. They claim to know God, but they aren’t committed to Him.

As Jesus taught His followers, He warned them about false teachers and false prophets because they were hired shepherds and only He was the Good Shepherd because. Like Abraham, He was willing to sacrifice out of His love for God (John 10:11-18).

Veterans Day
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As we celebrate Veterans Day, I am reminded how true believers are willing to sacrifice for those they love. True commitment requires action, not just talking about it!

Talk about It

While the primary role of prophets is to commune with God, they were also commanded to do and say what they are told (Deuteronomy 18:18, Amos 3: 17). Believing God is more than thinking about or talking to Him.

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If God is really our Lord, then we will obey Him with our actions. Prophets lead God’s people in His ways, not the world’s. They cannot be like politicians who will say whatever makes people happy.

• Deceptive
• Selfish
• Dishonest

Satan focuses on temporary happiness and earthly greatness. Jesus prioritized Heaven and eternal greatness. It’s no wonder many of His followers believed He was the prophet Elijah, He focused on God’s will and certainly wasn’t a Navi Skeker!

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