Jesse Hutch Talks God’s Favor, Faith, and a New Type of Role in “A Christmas Blessing”

Jesse Hutch Talks God’s Favor, Faith, and a New Type of Role in “A Christmas Blessing” November 15, 2023

Jesse Hutch, known for his romantic lead roles in series such as “American Dreams” and films like “Let It Snow” and “Christmas In Toyland,” takes a transformative turn as Otto in the Great American Pure Flix movie “A Christmas Blessing,” premiering Nov. 16. In an interview with Reel Faith to promote the film, Hutch shared his journey stepping into a role originally conceived for a much older character and his experience being part of the expanding universe of inspirational stories.

Jesse Hutch headshot courtesy of Great American Pure Flix

Hutch explained the unique process that led to his portrayal of Otto, a character initially envisioned as someone in his 60s or 70s. He engaged in conversations with the network, exploring the possibility of taking on this unconventional role. Departing from his usual romantic leads, Hutch explains, “This is the first time probably in what, 12-14 years that I haven’t been the love interest. And that really intrigued me.”

After diving into the script, Hutch found himself more drawn to the role.

“I absolutely love this character,” he told the producers. “And I would love it if you guys would let me have a shot at this. And so ultimately, it worked out. We did it. And Otto has been brought to life.”

Having established himself as a staple in the romantic comedy genre, Hutch reflects on the resonance of such films with audiences. He attributes the success to a combination of factors, including “God’s favor,” hard work, and the personal connection viewers feel with him.

“A lot of people really care about you as a person,” he said. Despite the limited insight social media provides into his life, fans find common ground in shared values related to marriage, family, humor, and more.

The actor acknowledged the unexpected aspect of his career, emphasizing the importance of genuine connection. “It’s been pretty cool to have a lot of people just kind of journey along with me,” Hutch added.

In discussing the growth of Great American Pure Flix, Hutch recognizes the increasing interest in inspirational stories unafraid to explore themes of faith, prayer, and spirituality. He emphasizes the pivotal role individuals play in shaping the content, irrespective of their profession. “Whether you’re a plumber or a doctor, stay at home mom, an actor, a welder, it doesn’t matter. Wherever your heart is, you’re going to bring that to your work,” he observes.

Hutch sees a shift in the film industry toward honesty and authenticity, where people are more willing to bring their true selves to the table. This shift, he believes, opens new doors for storytelling and creativity. Reflecting on his upcoming projects, including directing a Christmas comedy he wrote, Hutch expressed excitement about stepping behind the camera.

“Directing has always been on my heart,” he said.

In the evolving landscape of inspirational storytelling, Jesse Hutch stands at the forefront, ready to embrace new challenges and bring authenticity to the screen. As he ventures into directing and continues to explore diverse roles, audiences can anticipate a fresh perspective and a touch of humor in the upcoming “Christmas Blessing” and beyond.

“A Christmas Blessing,” also starring Lori Laughlin and James Tupper, will air on Great American Pure Flix starting Nov. 15.

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