Treat Your Body Like a Temple: Make These 10 Changes Today

Treat Your Body Like a Temple: Make These 10 Changes Today November 17, 2023

Your body is a gift. And with this blessing comes great responsibility. Taking care of your body doesn’t need to be difficult and time-consuming. You can incorporate small steps into your daily routine to treat your body like a temple and give it the care you deserve. 

So, where should you get started? 

1. Walk Regularly

Taking walks outside every day enriches you physically, mentally and spiritually. Strolling outside will expose you to the beautiful creations of God — from the clear, blue skies to the intricate patterns of a leaf — and will make you thankful that you live on such a beautiful planet.

Walking is also a light exercise that provides health benefits, such as reducing the risk of heart disease, easing joint pain and improving blood pressure.

2. Make Time for Reading

Reading good books helps nourish and expand your mind. As a Christian, immersing yourself in stories outside of the Bible can help you gain a better understanding of the world, people, cultures and behavior. 

If stressed, reading can also help bring calmness, fight cognitive decline and improve concentration and memory. So, make it a daily habit — open a good book and dedicate at least 30 minutes daily to this practice.

3. Drink Enough Water 

Water is the most abundant substance in the body. Consuming the right amounts of water daily helps keep your body healthy. If you consume too little water, you might experience dehydration. Keep track of your water intake with these tips:

  • Drink water first thing in the morning.
  • Keep a water bottle with you at all times to remind yourself to sip it regularly.
  • Squeeze some lemons, lime or cucumber slices to transform water into a refreshing drink.

An adequate intake for men is 3.7 liters daily, while women require 2.7 liters. To make things easier, just remember the old advice — drink eight glasses of water a day.

4. Sleep Well 

In Psalm 3:5-6, David shows that sleep is God’s way of showing He will never leave His people. “I lie down and sleep. I wake again, because the Lord sustains me.”

Sleep is a spiritual discipline, so getting quality rest is essential for overall wellness, metabolism, mental health and immune function. Aim to get seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Establish a regular schedule to build a habit — sleep and wake up at the same time every day.

5. Get Exposure to Fresh Air

Spending time outside helps increase your energy. As your lungs breathe fresh air, the oxygen levels in the blood go higher, promoting better blood circulation, improving concentration and uplifting your mood. Allot a few minutes daily to step outside, bask in the sun and take a deep breath.

The quality of air you breathe indoors matters, too. US residents spend an average of 90% of their time indoors, which means it’s essential to maintain safe and healthy interior conditions for you and your family. To help improve air quality at home, you can buy indoor plants and take care of them.

6. Eat Healthily

Your body is God’s temple. As a Christian, it’s your responsibility to take care of it through eating nutritious food.

However, processed and fast foods are unavoidable in today’s fast-paced life. They contain a lot of sodium, unhealthy fats and sugar that can harm your health. Slowly replace unhealthy food options with nutritious ones such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains to nourish your body with essential vitamins and minerals. Your body will thank you for doing this.

7. Go Offline

Notification sounds, emails and the latest news can be overwhelming at times. If your mental health is suffering because of excessive phone usage, it could be time to put your phone down. Cut back on screen time to make way for more memorable moments. Grab coffee with your partner, watch the birds outside or meditate. 

8. Avoid Smoking

If you want to live a long, healthy life, it’s time to throw the cigarettes or vapes away. Smoking is addictive and can bring adverse effects on your health, including increased risk of heart and pulmonary diseases. 

9. Strengthen Your Heart

Get moving to improve your heart health. Regular exercise helps prevent high blood pressure, build muscles and maintain a healthy weight.

You don’t have to do strenuous exercises daily — low-intensity exercises such as jogging, stretching and leisurely sports are great activities to incorporate into your daily routine. You can also save time and money on gym memberships by practicing exercises at home.

10. Pray Daily

Praying to God helps ease stress, loneliness and anxiety, which enables you to live your life without worries. It can also elicit hope, compassion and gratitude, all associated with positive feelings. Make prayer a part of your daily life — say your thanks and lift your fears to the Lord in the morning and before sleeping.

Love Your Body

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Loving your body starts with taking good care of the body God has given you. Follow these tips to ensure you live a healthy, long, fulfilling life.

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