Deadly Faith

Episode 21: Danilo Rastivo | The Killer with a Hair Fetish EPISODE 21

When Elisa Claps goes missing in Italy, all fingers point back to Danilo Rastivo but between the catholic church and the crooked cops her case goes cold, that is until the murder of another woman in the UK shakes things up. Trigger Warnings: Murder (Somewhat Graphic) Dismemberment Paraphilia Corrupt Police Blood on the Altar by Tobias Jones https://amzn.to/3M3jMIU (Commission Link) Follow Us On Social Media The Podcast Tik Tok @DeadlyFaithPodcast Instagram @DeadlyFaithPodcast Laci Tik Tok @Laci_Bean Instagram @Laci__Bean Lola Tik Tok @hellotherelola Instagram @Spellbound_Shears

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